Dr. Brent House, Director


Dr. Brent House is a native of Hancock County, Miss., where, prior to his years in higher education, he was a farmer who raised cattle and watermelons on his family farm. His father, John Bunyon House, was an avid reader when he was away from the fields, and, as a result, Dr. House was influenced to begin a career in English Studies. He still misses his life on the farm, and he will return to farming when he retires from his teaching life, but, until then, he finds that farming and teaching are similar crafts, and he enjoys planting knowledge in the minds of his students at Cal U.

Dr. House began serving as director of the Cal U Writing Center in the fall of 2016, after previously serving as a graduate writing consultant at Georgia College, a faculty writing consultant at the University of West Georgia, and an interim director at Shorter University. Most recently, he and staff members of the Cal U Writing Center presented their research at the 40th Annual East Central Writing Centers Association Conference.

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