What Writing Teaches

By Joshua S. Proud


Regardless of your writing field, you will learn a lot of new and different things. Writing teaches us how to grow as individuals, it teaches us criticism and teaches us how to edit.


There is no doubt that writing teaches us about ourselves. What happens when we learn new things about ourselves? That’s right, we grow! Writing is therapeutic. It helps us to get our own ideas onto paper. It is something we can revisit, edit and take some time to think about. Think about it: you have a prompt, you start writing, and then you will most likely revisit it because one idea will lead to another. Writing also teaches us to grow as writers. The more you write, the better you will be at it. To read our article featuring a section on the importance of writing practice click here.


I challenge you to think of one thing in the entire universe that does not receive criticism. I know you can’t because everything does. If you accept criticism with open arms, it will only help you to succeed. Criticism is one of the MOST important aspects of the writing process. Every good writer on this planet needs it, and it is only going to help them succeed. Imagine pitching something to a publisher, and then they critique your writing. I bet if you take their criticism into consideration, they will end up publishing you. Don’t be prideful in your writing, it will only hurt you.


Writing requires editing. It is inevitable. If you can’t find one single mistake in your writing, well then, you are probably Jesus himself. We are all human, so naturally, we are imperfect and mistakes will happen. Read our article about the importance of revision here.  You may edit your own work, but accept help from others. It is so much better to ask a million questions than to make a million mistakes. Revise your work, and revise others’ work. It will only make you that much better of a writer.


There are just so many things writing can teach us. In my head, the list is truly endless. Studying writing in college has forced me to learn so many things about endless amounts of topics. Being able to apply techniques in writing shows true collegiate skill. Accept what writing has to offer. It will make you a better person in all aspects of life.

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What Writing Teaches
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