Why Writing Can Be Hard

By: Joshua S. Proud


Writing can be hard. Sometimes, we students, dread writing because of the difficulty behind it. Why is it so hard though? This is not an easy question to answer, but we have some reasons as to why it feels so hard and how to combat it.

Writing requires attention

Imagine yourself sitting there or lying there trying to start a paper. The beginning process seems impossible sometimes, but it is in fact not! Read our article on the writing process here to help you get started. More often than not, writing is not going to be easy. It is best to write in an environment that has minimum distractions. Click here to read our article on the best places to write in and around campus.

Practice makes perfect

It is inevitable. Like anything in life, writing requires practice. The only way to get better at something is to do it more; this is obvious. Do not be too hard on yourself if writing is not your forte. The more you write, the better you will get. Make an appointment at the Cal U Writing center here for some extra help with your writing. I promise it is totally worth it, and we can help in almost every aspect of writing.

Dedicate yourself

If you truly want an A on a writing assignment, you MUST dedicate yourself to your work. If you are not fully in it, then that will reflect in your work. Take the time necessary to produce your best work. Follow the steps to writing a paper or essay. Make sure you are fully invested.


Writing is not meant to be an easy task. It is a craft, an art form and an important aspect of every aspect of life. The purpose of writing is to communicate. Do not think of it as anything else. This helps me a lot. I often ask myself “what am I trying to communicate?” It makes it all that much easier. Although answering the question of why writing is hard is tricky, the best answer is that it is not supposed to be easy. We here at the Cal U Writing Center provide free services to help YOU the students be the best they can be. Take advantage of this resource and you will succeed.

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Why Writing Can Be Hard
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