Writing Tools To Help You Succeed

By: Joshua S. Proud


Writing can definitely be a challenge. Especially if it is not something you are comfortable doing. Luckily, in today’s world, it is much easier to have writing tools at your fingertips. We should consider ourselves lucky. Writing is an important skill to have regardless of any major or career. Language is something we use every single day to communicate, so applying that to paper is essential to success. In this post, we will share some of the tools to help student and other writers be the best they can be.


Arguably the most popular tool for writers today, Grammarly is an app and website that helps prepare and polish different documents. This tool can be used as a free resource or you can pay for a subscription to further perfect your writings! Grammarly can help check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues. This resource is for sure a top contender when it comes to helping student writers with their projects.

Dictionary and Thesaurus 

One of the best ways to improve your writing is to improve your vocabulary and raise your consciousness to new ways to use language. Writing in a more mature manner is the best way to level up your skills. This can be as simple as changing the word “better” to “superior.”


Evernote is next on this list. This free resource is a text editor that will help writers with their papers, format and edit them. This tool also stores all files in one place with no risk of losing material. Evernote is a really successful resource at helping student writers organize ideas, create voice notes, save images and make lists.  If you need something to help you organize and edit your ideas, go to Evernote. Once you finish your project, then take it to Grammarly to polish it!

Cal u Writing Center 

Obviously on our list is the Cal U Writing Center. Even if you use all the tools above, it will NEVER hurt to have an actual extra set of eyes look at your work. Anything the tools above we can do too, maybe even better! If you are struggling with anything, please make an appointment with us. You will be surprised what tutoring can do to improve your writing. Remember, writing is an essential aspect to any path you follow in your life. Take it seriously, and be the best version of yourself.

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Writing Tools To Help You Succeed
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