Relatable GIFs Explaining the Writing Process

By: Joshua S. Proud

1.) Analyze the prompt. Make sure you fully understand the question.

What is the prompt asking you? What research do you need to do to fully understand the topic? Know exactly what you’re thinking before starting.


2.) Start to draft a thesis statement that focuses on what you want to cover in your writing.

This will guide your entire paper. This is the place to incorporate all your main points.

3.) Then, make an outline with topic sentences to make sure your points match your thesis.

This could be a good place to write an introduction. You cannot draft an outline without a thesis, each main point in your outline should correlate directly to your thesis.

4.) To back up your claims, use credible academic sources. Stay away from websites, and NO Wikipedia.

The Cal U library has a ton of academic sources on its website. This is the best place to find outside sources. However, there are some credible websites, depending on your topic.

5.) Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence.

This will be the main idea of your body paragraph. Body paragraphs will also include statements to back up your claims from your thesis! Use your credible sources here as well.


6.) Don’t use fluff to make the paper longer.

 Sometimes when you write too much, your main point can get lost. If you are trying to reach a length requirement, remember to focus on quality over quantity! You can always conduct more research as well to reach your requirements!


7.) Wrap it up!

This is the place to restate your thesis. Cover all the points you made throughout your paper to fully back up your claims.


8.) Stay Strong and edit, EDIT, EDIT!! Go to the Cal U Writing Center for revisions and feedback!

You can do this! Cal U provides students with the resources they need. Come to the Cal U Writing Center, we will help you!
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Relatable GIFs Explaining the Writing Process
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