Valentine’s Day Love Poem

By: Writing Center Consultant Monica Flickinger


Out of Reach


I am drowning in

your green waters,

emerald light reflecting on the past,

biting at freshly stitched


These effervescent windows to

your soul, the calm before

this storm we’re in

different worlds,

currents lapping at


of the life we built

and then set ablaze.

Lost and then found;

desire to reach out,

every night in the dark,

touch the face I


To breach the space

between us and rip it

away, the bay, and

time, and the people

we’ve become.

All the bright, precious things

fade so fast, and

they don’t come back.

I keep reaching,


The clocks are falling around us.

We’re stuck in this quick sand

hourglass, desperately trying

to just keep moving forward,

closer to one another.

I just want to stop

drowning in the jaded mist,

those green eyes. Can we

rewind the hurt and

let the past swallow us whole?


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Valentine’s Day Love Poem
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