The 5 Best Places To Write In California, PA

By: Joshua S. Proud

Establishing a comfortable place to write is just as important to the writing process as anything else. Finding an environment suitable for your writing needs can ease any obstacles in the way of your success. Here are the top five places to write in California, Pennsylvania.  

View from the table of the third floor

Manderino Library

Number one on our list is the Manderino Library. The third or fourth floor is the best location, with tables tucked away in quiet locations. No matter the weather, our library is the best place to write on campus.  

Vulcan Statue in the Quad

The Quad

A crowd favorite, the quad is the most beautiful place on campus and our most inspiring writing locale. When weather permits, sit on a bench with your laptop while the trees dance in the wind and your fingers dance on the keyboard. Sipping on a coffee from Sycamore Bistro while the sun warms your body can cure any case of writer’s block.  

View from the bench at the Dock off First Street

The Dock off First Street

This dock was finished during the Spring 2018 semester, and it has since replaced the dock parallel to Lager Heads. Either sitting on the dock by the water, or on the bench at the edge of the river can be serene enough to provide a setting worthy of writing. The pros of writing here are the limited distractions and the white noise of the flowing river.

 View from the bench at Wyatt Park

Wyatt Park

This somewhat secret, yet historic park sits across from the California Area Public Library in town. The library is a former Pennsylvania railroad station, and now it is a lovely place to visit. Just over the train tracks sits a picnic bench under the still trees above the river ravine. This park, which is most times quiet, is a great place to write. The only negative to this spot is the limited seating. If the weather is kind and the spot is empty, this diamond in the ruff provides a tranquil ambiance for writing.

The creek with the stone benches at Rotary Park

Rotary Park

Last on our list is the park at the edge of town on Third Street. The beauty of this park is breathtaking and refreshing during glorious conditions. Strategically placed rocks along the creek provide surprisingly comfortable seating. This park has only one bench with a table, so if you prefer to write on a surface and not on your lap, this might not be the perfect spot for you. 

These five locations provide unique writing atmospheres for our student writers. California, Pennsylvania might be a small town, but look hard; there is a perfect place for everyone.

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The 5 Best Places To Write In California, PA
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