From Client to Intern

Joshua S. Proud – Digital Media Intern

by Joshua S. Proud

I remember the day; it was too lovely to be a winter day. The sun mixed with the air to touch my skin like a first kiss. I was walking to my first appointment at the Cal U Writing Center, unaware that the steps I took led me on a path to confidence, and destiny. If it were not for these first few steps, I would not be publishing this blog post as the new Digital Media Intern for the Cal U Writing Center.

To fully understand what the Writing Center did for me, I need to tell this story from the beginning.

Throughout grade school, English was one of my weakest subjects. I was told by my seventh grade English teacher that my writing did not mirror my fellow classmates. I did not receive any constructive criticism. It was harsh, and I dreaded writing from that point until my senior year in high school. I recalled receiving papers with a ton of red markings but was never sat down and told why and how things were wrong. I barely attained passing grades in my English classes. During my Junior year of high school, I failed all of my writing assignments. I passed the course by a mere few points. My senior year was a bit different. I put in extra time, asked questions, and applied the feedback I received. Here’s the thing: I liked writing. I enjoyed exercising my voice on paper. Throughout my childhood, I wrote many songs. This was the basis of my writing experience, so I had a lot to learn.

I would never have thought I would have gone on to pursue a degree in English.

I chose English as my undergraduate major for two reasons. First, I felt that I did not reap the best education on the subject, and, also, I thought it was a very practical area to study. Not only do English majors study the language itself, but they indulge in readings on various subjects such as politics, anthropology, science and more. The knowledge I have now gained about the English language will never be useless to me, and it has morphed me to be an all-around well-educated and informed person.

During my first semester studying the English language, I visited the Cal U Writing Center for almost every essay or paper assigned to me. I was not a confident writer, and I knew I needed tutoring if I was going to succeed. I loved writing, and I was determined to get better. The Writing Center consultants did what my previous teachers failed to do. They explained aspects of grammar, directed me on how to format papers based on rubrics, and genuinely had my best interest at heart. If it were not for Cal U providing me with resources like the Writing Center, I would have never been able to grow as a writer.

As time traveled on, I found myself needing to make appointments at the Writing Center less and less. I was slowly becoming a more self-reliant writer. The Writing Center not only helped me to progress as a writer, but they helped me fall in love with my voice.

I will admit that it felt impractical to make appointments at the Writing Center as an English major, but I would highly recommend any student, regardless of their area of study, use this Cal U resource. The Cal U Writing Center is a place not to feel judged. It is a place to work on the craft of writing, and overall it offers every student the opportunity to become a Writing Center success.

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From Client to Intern
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