Online Appointments at the Cal U Writing Center

Cal U Writers:

The Cal U Writing Center is pleased to announce we’ll begin offering synchronous online appointments on September 18, 2018, and you now will be able to video conference with our writing center consultants during our regular center hours. If you’re learning online in a location far from our California, PA campus, or if you’re just trying to avoid the trip from Vulcan Village, you’re welcome to schedule an online appointment.

We now offer three formats for writing consultations:

  1. Face-to-face consultations are available at the Cal U Writing Center in Noss Hall 110.
  2. eTutoring allows student writers to upload their papers in Word format and receive a document with comments from their writing consultants.
  3. Online tutoring allows student writers to video conference with their writing consultant via WCOnline, our scheduling and conferencing software.

We’re looking forward to talking with our of all students through our new online appointments, and we’re especially happy to offer this new option for Global Online students.

Because we believe every writer can continue to develop through working collaboratively with other writers, we are constantly seeking opportunities to reach our community of writers at California University of Pennsylvania. Our writing consultants are trained and ready to help you reach toward your fullest potential.

Please consider scheduling a face-to-face, eTutoring, or online appointment at If you have any questions about the consultation services we offer, please contact us at (724) 938-4336 or

Best wishes for your writing,

Brent House, M.F.A., Ph.D.
Director, Cal U Writing Center
Associate Professor, English Department
California University of Pennsylvania
250 University Avenue
California, PA 15419



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Online Appointments at the Cal U Writing Center
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